Tuesday, June 23, 2009

pre k diplomas

how can you graduate before you go to school?  preschool.  

the one in the glasses is ours.

and it's sweet how we know all these other kids too.

they were all 3 or 4 back in september, still completely bump and crumple, waddling darters in diapers.

now they are 4 and 5 and look like little sirs and ladies to me.  mine can read too, and multiply small numbers.  He also has two girlfriends there.  They share him with a grace that gives me hope for the coming generation.

today the whole class plus parents are taking the subway to the coney island aquarium.

so this is proud's cousin pridetastic.

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Phil said...

I remember. Our girls have just graduated from lower and middle schools, respectively. Every transition is trumpeted in a big way nowadays. I guess that's a good thing.