Saturday, April 3, 2010

Swiftly Happy!

Swiftly Happy! [BAP rogue post by Jennifer Michael Hecht]

Derlink Bleaders,

Spring has sprung! Not working for you? You a little ambivalent about pulling lilacs from the dead earth? Well this, as my five year old often announces, is your lucky day.

Just clink this lick, or click this link, and start from the bottom of the page, about one entry up, where he explains Face off Friday, where he asks people to send in righteous home versions of a chosen pop song. well, frankly, i don't know the rules, i was just one-horse golden sleighing around the internests when i found this among my many new and old friends' odd offerings. in this case David Rees. it is Awesome. it is the cure for what ails you. (if your not seeing this on april 2, 10, try this way in David Rees at

just give this the 15 minutes it'll take, at the outside, in bits or all at once, and tell me you don't feel fine. it's the project people, and the project, and Rees' prose that makes me run to show you. go have little fun. gather the family. i command thee.



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