Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sunday, Monday

Dear Fonzie,

It is important to begin. I'm writing to you because I admire you, and because it seemed a way to begin. To get with the net. Join the web.

I'm going to most write about ideas, but sometimes I'll talk about you, and sometimes I'll talk about me. I hope that other Arthur to whom I considered writing will also read these representations, but in the end I decided to talk to someone who listens.

Happy Days! More soon.


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Jamey Hecht said...

Fonzie and Schopenhauer are walking down the street looking for lunch. They pass an Arby's, and at the same instant they both say, "Fuck Arby's." Then they laugh and Schopenhauer is like, Fonzie you owe me a beer, and Fonzie is like, Artie let's go get Chinese; and Schopenhauer is like, Artie, you're on.