Tuesday, August 7, 2007

who is who in the 21st century

Dear Fonzie,

I am made busy with an abundance of observations and would love to give them to someones I can trust, like you.

Today I am thinking that the people who conduct the most talk therapy in the USA today are creative writing teachers, neurologists, and a few other professional intimates. But we have no training. In a way, this gives psychotherapy back to the wide spectrum of intellectuals who were to be the therapists in Freud's vision. Especially if they do a little reading, a little training. But generally, they just listen. That's great, but not for the listener, who has no training in how to deal with horrific stories. Note that the government subsidizes school and medical attention for headaches and backaches (what neurologists see most days) more urgently than it does talk therapy for trauma and depression.

Seem worth thinking about.



Katherine aka Scrap Yard Kath said...

Just on the topic of talk, I am always in an annoying paradox with it. Talking, sharing, connecting, in general, I long for it and I loathe it. A common dilema I'm sure.

JMH said...

Thanks for commenting!

Yeah exactly. Long for it and loathe. well said.