Monday, May 18, 2009


Dear Fonzie,

Perhaps you are wondering about the Freethought Heroine Award.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, to recognize the special contributions of women to freethought and the battle to keep state and church separate, bestows a "Freethought Heroine Award".  [They are awarded at the yearly national convention, but are not awarded every year.]

Recipients of the Freethought Heroine Award:
2006 - Wafa Sultan
2005 - Robin Morgan
2004 - Susan Jacoby
2002 - Taslima Nasrin
2000 - Wendy Kaminer
1999 - Barbara Ehrenreich
1998 - Marykait Durkee
1997 - Ann Druyan
1996 - Kristin Lems
1995 - Katha Pollitt
1994 - Eleanor Smeal
1991 - Carol Sobel
1990 - Patricia Ireland
1989 - Butterfly McQueen

It is not up on the web site yet, but would you like to know who the Freedom From Religion Foundation is honoring as the Freethought Heroine of 2009?   It is me.

I am the heroin.   I'm really extremely pleased.  Me and Butterfly McQueen!  OTG.



I'm going to go listen to some early Lou Reed.


Phil said...

Congrats! Is there a hero?

JMH said...

Thanks. Not as such.

Peter Harter said...

early lou Reed I get it-- Heroin pun--it took me a minute