Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stories in pictures

Kids:  Don't touch the net.   

Today we went to see the folks from the BB Parks Conservatory seining the Hudson for the amusement of kids today.  Their boots go up to their boobs and thus are boobie-boots. According to me.  

Did I mention there was a bridge nearby?

The kids were enrapt. What would get brought back? 

Turns out this very seining you see here was one of the best seins of the recent past, for behold, we caught ourselves a stallion of the wet.  
They don't turn up that often in the sein.   Look how streetwise a fish it is.  

Here a boy learns about science.  That's the sea horse in a bowl of water and a Brooklyn Bridge Parks Conservatory midriff. 

Even the babies can't believe what is under the Hudson, under the Bridge.  Another green shirt shows us the water's life, some little fish, jelly fish, shrimp.  This green shirt here especially patient and kind.  

Okay, one last look at the great star of the day.


Excellent little program, top notch.  Free fun, cute fish.  (Take away: The sea horse is a fish --  a fish I tell ya.  Anyway, that's the position tendered by these delightful young people.)

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