Monday, October 26, 2009

nice bridge

Tonight I'm going back to my old school to a memorial for a professor who was more a mentor to me than anyone else, and then we were friends, though we weren't in much contact, but here and there, over two decades.  I've been asked to speak and am honored to do so, but feeling the weight of it.  Anyway, nice bridge ay?  Yesterday we went to the flee market they hold under this thing on Sundays.  Man they got some good eats there, by the way.  Many strange and misplaced matters, historical widgets and lost lots.  Love bright sunlight on bric-a-braque ephemera. 


Jamey Hecht said...

Who was the professor? I wonder who it was. Was it Thomas Heffernan?

Nobody told me when Steven Klass died, and it took two years to get an answer from Adelphi about when exactly it was. January 17, 2007 I think. I wish I could have been at that memorial; I would have been if I had known about it. So I can understand how it sucks both to lose an old mentor and to have to drag oneself to a service, but it is also kind of good that you got a chance to go to it. I hope it went ok. Who was it?


JMH said...

Yes it was Tom Heffernan. Sad. But yes, good that I got to go.