Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes He Does

I've been encouraged to blog.  But which of this basket of thoughts to uncrinkle?  

Praps I'll just say I've been defending Obama's peace prize these last few days (in facebook status and casual convo), and except for all the thanks it is a thankless job.  I don't usually bother weighing in on things (beyond buddies and 'book), but I can't help saying I think all this nope saying is the contempt of familiarity.  

Every year they go in the room and try to pick a name of somebody who that year made the world peacier.   It's supposed to go to someone who is fighting the fight that most people were saying can't be fought and changing the faces to maybe.  

Sue me, I say Yes He Does. 


CHurt said...

I believe it was one of the now-'notorious' Swedes who asked who else had left the world safer and closer to peace in the past year. That makes sense to me, and I was skeptical before my first couple cups of coffee. I would add that he did so at considerable risk to his own person abd family. It may seem a remote possibility now, but a year ago and even more recently getting shot at seemed to be something people expected.

mariner said...

Ah! That may just sway me. Yes, I think I'm swayzed. Much as I was grateful today to hear Barbara Ehrenreich put down American pabobs of positivity today on Leonard Lopate, I'll take this, and feel pretty sure our prez will run nicely with his prize.

Phil said...

Totally agree. Your take is much like Peter Kramer's (, which I also found insightful.

And on something completely different (sorry, I've been overdosing on the Python-athon): my Happiness class today begins reading Hecht. They're gonna love it! -