Friday, March 20, 2009


I am so glad MEK has begun posting along with me and I feel sure that JC will now start a-postin too. Anyway, he's saposs to.

It was tough when i was the one musketeer. That's one musky deer.

Lana Turner, we love you, please get up.

Dear Fonzie, A woman I didn't know died, died. A woman I didn't know died and though I didn't know her, I knew her. This week a woman we didn't know lived near my shrink, died.

Dear Fonzie, When someone bonks they head skiing and dies I agonize over the things they did that day that they didn't want to have to get did. I think, she could have eaten a giant chocolate cake the night before, or chosen for an entire week to only speak the words "thank you". One of my mfa students took a vow of silence all february. it was very interesting. most frustrating was dealing with being polite as he stayed in nyc for the vos. if one only said thank you though that would take care of a lot of the problems. it would be fun to see how the phrase would get used.

btw, four year old boys think a guy who won't talk is very interesting. the vos is over and the student came by yesterday for a thesis meeting. Max is all, "You can talk! Remember when you couldn't talk?"

Seacrest Out

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