Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeats Part One

Between extremities
Man runs his course;
A brand, or flaming breath.
Comes to destroy
All those antinomies
Of day and night;
The body calls it death,
The heart remorse.
But if these be right
What is joy?

We come from the black blankness of before birth and jog towards the white whatness of death. But death's breath comes to destroy what we thought of as extremes, like birth and death, or day and night. For the body we are correct to speak of death, but what comes to destroy what we thought of as extremes or antinomies for the heart, the emotions, is remorse. Through death and remorse is proven that there is no end and no beginning. Then again, sometimes I feel blissed-out and at one with the world. What is that?

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