Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Randolph Scott

Hello Bleaders,

Just a Randolph Scott  (Random Thought)

Maybe the Undecided late in an election campaign are actually pretty sure they won't go vote and don't want to admit it, so use this to avoid lying when asked who they are going to vote for.

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Katherine aka Scrap Yard Kath said...

Yikes! I knew I was not going to vote.
NY was already in the bag, so I didn't see the need. If I was in a swing state I would have stood in line! [Agree or disagree, that was my decision; electoral college, etc.]

But, I sure wouldn't have called myself undecided because that would imply that I would actually have been considering Sarah Pallin, oh, I mean John McCain, and I just shudder to think, oh, I can't even think about that!!