Sunday, March 1, 2009

quick, telegraph it, the babies will want me again soon

I would like to be chased down and eaten by a major carnivore.  I would hope it licks as well as bights.  I imagine the world would go white and light-filled and she would look at me with erotic sorrow and stroke me with her tongue to comfort me now and then as she eats.  Face facts, it would not hurt.  Ask the monumentally damaged, they all say it: no pain, all just wanting to get in a comfortable position.  But in a tiger's arms might be okay.  T'rex'd eat me in one bight, Jaws style.  Might be a nice squeeze down the throat.


Jamey Hecht said...

Ah, the will to be lunch... it seems to me rather neat-o to be aggressive about it, as when the crocodile asks, "Who are you?" And you reply, "I'm your LUNCH, motherfucker!" And he's all, "Jeez, try the decaf."

JMH said...

that is so before cisely. (pre)